Your Comprehensive Electrical Service Contractor

Since 1984, Freestate has been a leader in the field of Electrical Service Contracting by providing consulting, engineering, program management, installation and servicing of electrical and technically advanced building systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our technicians have the experience, certifications, diversity, and equipment it takes to thoroughly evaluate your current systems, explore you future requirements and provide the added assurance that these systems will carry your business into the 21st century. 24 hour service and quality craftmanship is guaranteed. That’s the Freestate difference.

Life Safety

Fire Alarm\Fire Sprinkler

Our fire alarm systems engineers and installers are National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified and complete yearly educational requirements. Key factors in assuring proper installation are in compliance with standards and the training of installation staff. These rigorous standards guarantee that the fire alarm and detection systems designed and installed by Freestate Electrical Service Company will enhance life and property protection by providing reliable service

In order to meet required NFPA code your fire detection system should be inspected each year. Regular maintenance inspection and testing of fire protection systems are essential to ensure the system functions and the facility is safe. Freestate provides annual fire alarm inspections including an all point’s functionality check. All inspections are – In accordance with Chapter 10 of the National Fire Protection Act (NFPA) of 2002 and are fully documented.


The quality of performance for any structured cable system depends on the installation. Freestate Electric has been providing quality data cabling, voice wiring, and electrical wiring to the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan areas since 1984.  Freestate Electric provides engineering, design, and installation of telecommunications network infrastructure.  We are experts at advancing information transport systems, with years of experience in this field. We work closely with the leading product manufactures to offer our clients a wide range of solutions that best support their specific network needs. Our experienced and dedicated team members are continually participating in current and related industry training


Security for your business is more important now than ever before. It is an essential factor of the design and structure of your business. Properly protecting your business, your employees and your property has become a top priority concern. Each day, you face new and unanticipated threats and having a reliable security system can help to manage and contain this fear.

Generator Services

Generators are a reliable, cost-effective, critical back-up power solution for commercial establishments and small businesses. These generators are ideal for a broad range of enterprises, including restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, banks, fitness centers, hotels, and retail outlets. Freestate Electric can install, test, maintain and provide service solutions for all your commercial generators applications. We are members of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) and have certified technicians on staff to ensure that your emergency power generating needs are met and professionally maintained.


Freestate Electric has significant experience in the installation and maintenance of telecommunication transmission/repeater towers. The height of the towers and sensitivity of the equipment dictates that these sites meet the most stringent electrical installation standards especially when it comes to grounding of equipment.

Freestate Electrical Service has been a proud partner in providing electrical installation and service support to Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T, and others for their wireless towers and switching stations.

Infrared Scans

Infrared electrical inspections find hot spots caused by defects in connections and components. Infrared thermography is used to find areas of excess heat (caused by increased resistance) so that problems can be corrected before a component fails, causing damage to the component, creating safety hazards and productivity loss. Because increased heating is a sign of failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration. This is why your insurance company may have asked for an electrical infrared inspection, to find and prevent problems before they cause damage to your personnel, equipment and facility.

The cost of downtime from a single outage can run in the millions of dollars, and may even result in lives lost.   Our Critical Power Services Account Managers have more than 30 years of direct experience in diagnostic testing, critical infrastructure design & application engineering, as well as installation.  

 With the combination of our vast experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment…we identify problems others can’t.  We provide solutions that save time, eliminate the risk of catastrophic failures, and increases the stability and integrity of your system.​

Critical Power Services

Power outages and poor power quality cost the US economy alone some $119 Billion (ref: EPRI) annually. Over $12 Billion is spent on power protection worldwide, with over $7 Billion on UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply systems) alone, to mitigate these losses. Power quality consultants are almost mandatory in today’s dynamic world of mission critical electric power. With the wide spectrum of emerging power technologies, choosing the wrong one can be disastrous.

With this in mind Freestate Electric has a dedicated Critical Power Services Group that provides maintenance, testing, discrepancy resolution, troubleshooting, installation, and 24/7 emergency service for all of your power distribution needs. Our experienced and dedicated team members maintain current industry certifications, and are continually participating in current and related industry training