April 1, 2017 | Awards

The WBC Craftsmanship Award for Electrical Lighting at the Trump DC Hotel

Detailed mock ups were performed for every area and setting of both the interior and exterior of the Hotel to ensure perfect illumination and accent of all areas including the historical elements of the Hotel. This took careful field review and research of each existing condition to determine the best means and methods for how systems would be installed. In many instances modifications to the design had to be made in order to meet requirements and satisfactions of project stakeholders, while minimizing damage to historical elements through providing quality installations and craftsmanship. Work required thorough research and coordination by all disciplines and to archive approval granted by the Trump owners as well as the design team. The difficult installation process would begin for each system within the confines of an existing historical building that was completed at the end of the 19th century. There were many unforeseen obstacles and obstructions where all parties had to take part in discovering resolutions and modifications to complete their installations. Great care and consideration on every level had to be taken by each individual involved in the work that was performed.